Hi, I’m Peter, I’m an animation and art director. I help studios, agencies and clients turn complex and important issues into accessible and immersive forms. It is important for me to work on projects, that raise empathy and awareness on social issues, such as human rights, sustainability, or discrimination. Projects of this kind: campaign against “Sexual and Gender-Based Violence” for UNITED NATIONS - IOM documentary title sequence for “Children of Dictators” series by ON THE SPOT short documentary animation about Indonesian religious transitions: THE REFORMER In my commercial work I had the opportunity to work for T-COM, FORBES, BAYER, AMC, LIDL, and FUTUREAL.
I'm always open for new collaborations, and exciting projects to work on.
Drop me a line if you feel like working with me.​​​​​​​
 BATORY.PETER@GMAIL.COM  •  003620-3944-397
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